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Mexico - Quintana Roo

Cancun-Playa de Carmen-Tulum-Felipe Carrillo Puerto-Chetumal

sunny 35 °C

If you only knew how happy we are, how we smile as we look at each other. Headphones on, grinning along the way as we push to the pedals. It's not always easy of course, but we forget about our daily hardship every night. Sun is the issue here, we're always looking for some clouds in the sky. We even came up with a new strategy: cycling early in the morning and then in the afternoon. Odometer shows 370km. There's no rush. We wanna be happy campers. On our couchsurfer Omar's recommendations we cut a good bit of the journey from Tulum to Merida. Too big of a city for cyclists. Things like cenotes or Maya ruins can be seen further south... Let me begin with Cancun first. Not much to mention. We did around 60km and saw nothing but an ugly city, extremely lavish hotel zone and few leguans basking in the sun.large_rsz_1img_3354.jpg
Next stop - Playa del Carmen is completely different story. They got hotels as well but you get this laid-back feeling. Palm trees on the beach, white sand, cool restaurants and margarita. We asked Omar for one extra night so that we could indulge ourselves in those turquoise waters.
Oh that sun! It's so powerful even SPF 50 can't protect our 'Irish' skins. There's no other way but to stick to our tactics, riding early, then siesta under the palm trees and than riding again till half five.large_rsz_img_3373.jpg After we left Playa del Carmen, at 9am, we already made half of our average daily target so we decided to spend 6 hours at Cenote Chicken-Ha. Three cenotes for $100. There are no rivers or lakes on the surface around here but instead there is this underground water system which is connected with the surface via these cenotes - sinkholes. Some are open like natural swimming pools, others are partially or entirely hidden in the caves. One theory says they were created along with the Gulf of Mexico when a meteorite hit the Earth and killed the dinosaurs. The water is fresh, i mean, the further from the ocean the less salty it is. Good for swimming anyway. Not too busy with the tourists. While resting in our hammocks, i was thinking about the winter back in Slovakia, 15 degrees below zero.. oh well. If it only was 10 degrees less. I'm sweating like a pig, invariably day or night. All that i drink ( and i drink a lot! ) comes out on ma back. large_rsz_1img_3382.jpglarge_rsz_img_3424.jpgWe reached a small holiday town by the Akumal beach the very same day. Very peaceful thus ideal for a family holidays. Next stop is Tulum. The famous Maya town where we wanted to see the pyramids. Entry fee of $57 but no bikes! Idea of leaving our wheels at the gates instantly evapourated. Doesn't matter how beautiful those ruins are, i don't wanna have my gear stolen.
We found a public beach, squatted under the palm tree and waited out the midday sun. The tower of the main temple was clearly visible from the water. Got ourselves refreshed with the coconut milk and then continued south to the ruins of Muyil where we camped by the lagoon. Someone told us crocodiles live there but we didn't come across any of those bad boys. large_rsz_img_3444.jpglarge_rsz_img_3466.jpgToday, April fools day we were out at 5:30 and by 11am we clocked in 75km. You should have seen us when we came to a town. The first girl selling melones was our saviour. Half of this big juicy fruit was gone in a matter of seconds. We were hungry like wolves. At the moment we are at Ivonn and Diaga's place in Pelipe Carrillo Puerto town. Lovely people. Last minute Couchsurf. I only contacted them yesterday. They are looking after us really well. Good dinner and margarita and we're off in our hammocks. Shortly before the dinner they realised the dog was gone, so we went looking for him (myself and Anna). We found him and i put him on the leash. He took off again as he smelled some bitch around, but he pulled so hard that i went with him. I held my bars with left hand only (front brake). I believe you can pretty much picture the scene as I flew over the bars. My first elbow bruise, nothing serious though. I'm fine, so is the bike. All's good.

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finally leaving

svidnik → vienna

dear sisters and brothers
our dream has finally come true. few years of enthusiastic dreaming and relentless bothering of everybody around has brought us to the start of our journey. an epic bicycle trip. itinerary was constantly changing over the last couple of months of preparations but now we are announcing our latest route plan (as seen in the picture)
we reserve a right to alter this proposed plan according to the conditions, environment and our mood. preparations are ongoing, gear is packed, bikes are in theshipping boxes. we're on the way to Vienna airport with a brief stopovers in towns of Poprad to say hallo and then we'll have few pints in Bratislava before we say farewell to our little country.you're all very welcome to check up on our progress visiting our blog.
so, next update from mexico.

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